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Contract Number: HHM40221D0066
Ordering Period: March 2021 – March 2031 with a contract Ceiling of $12.6 Billion
Program Management Contact: Heather Gerczak,, 240.907.2578


This contract delivers to the Defense Intelligence and National Geospatial – Intelligence Agencies (DIA and NGA) Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise. This contract vehicle provides participating organizations with comprehensive IT technical support services and provides and acquisition framework for the delivering the full scope of IT services and capabilities to support the Intelligence needs for the DIA and the NGA. Scope: The SITE III IDIQ contract vehicle addresses the needs of worldwide coverage for integrated IT intelligence requirements and technical support services to the DIA and NGA. Scope areas includes: Enterprise Activities and Services Infrastructure Development and Sustainment Application Development and Sustainment Other Special Services Support Core Functions Cybersecurity Services.

Work will be performed in the following task areas:

  • Task Area 1 – Enterprise Activities and Services

  • Task Area 2 – Infrastructure Development/Sustainment

  • Task Area 3 – Application Development and Sustainment

  • Task Area 4 – Other Special Services

  • Task Area 5 – Support Core Functions

  • Task Area 6 – Cybersecurity Services

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